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Quality Assurance Mission Statement

The quality system at Michigan Metal Coatings Company is designed to meet each and every customer’s expectations by consistently producing a product of superior quality sooner than our competition at a competitive price.

Quality Team

Our Quality Team ensures that all coated parts are inspected and approved before they leave our facility.


We provide PPAP’s, Salt Spray Testing, and Process Certifications at no additional cost to the customer.

Equipment + Testing

The combination of our equipment, testing capabilities, and knowledgeable staff allows us to ensure the best quality of coating on each and every part.

CoF, K Factor and the Trouble With 
ISO 16047

 by:John Medcalf
Principal Engineer
Peak Innovations Engineering

 Experts in fastener engineering know bolted joints can be troublesome. But given the lack of attention they frequently receive both during design and assembly, it is surprising they are not more troublesome than they are. I would argue the reason is, historically, many bolted joints have been over designed. However, as industries push for efficiency and lighter weight assemblies, bolted joints are asked to do more with less. Improving fastening efficiency requires increased confidence in the clamp load achieved with a given tightening strategy. Torque control is still the most commonly used tightening strategy, and while advances continue to be made in the accuracy and reliability of tooling, it is still only as good as the consistency in the relationship between torque and tension…READ MORE